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Get Your Smile Back With a FREE
Dental Implant Consultation
  • Get a FREE Consultation with one of the best dentists in Nicholasville and learn about your options
  • Learn about our affordable payment plans and find out how you can get implants on almost any budget
Click the button below to schedule a FREE consulation with Dr. Dela Cruz and quickly learn if dental implants are the right choice for you>>>

Tired of Missing Teeth, Loose Dentures, or Not Being Able to Eat the Foods you Love?

Dental Implants can be just like having your real teeth back.

Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

Dental implants can be almost as strong as real teeth. You can go back to eating your favorite foods when you get dental implants to replace missing teeth.

No More Holding Back A Full Smile

Missing or broken teeth can make you self-concious. Denatlo impalnts look and feel like real teeth giving your 100% confidence when you smile.

Get Rid Of Annoying Dentures

With denatl implants, you can get rid oif loose dentures and terrible tasting denture glue. Stop worrying that your teeth are going to fall out when you are talking.

Meet Dr. Dela Cruz

Our Rave Reviews

We are one of the most highly reviewed and rated dental practices in Kentucky
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