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New Technology For Jessamine Family Dentistry

With the addition of a digital panoramic x-ray in our Nicholasville office and a Dental CT scan in our Winchester office, we now have the best and safest diagnostic capabilities available for our patients.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Prexion 3D imaging Dental CBCT Scan to our Winchester location.

CBCT is a relatively new technology for dentistry that is used for three-dimensional imagining of the teeth and jaws. It greatly enhances the diagnosis and treatment planning for dental implants, root canals, oral surgery and sleep medicine. It has a much lower x-ray dosage than traditional CT scans and the images are of a higher quality and very accurate.

Unlike traditional x-rays, the cone beat CT scan can scan both bones and soft tissue. This scan provides incredible detail in order to properly treatment plan for root canals,, implant surgery and sleep disorders.

· The accurate measurement of available jawbone for dental implants

· Mapping out the sensory nerves to select the correct implant length

· Provides an accurate picture for the location of maxillary sinus

· Allows the dentist to select the right size of implant for optimal stability and integration

· Getting a three dimensional view of all roots of teeth

· Accurately evaluate the outcomes of previous root canal therapy


· Aids in the evaluation of anatomical features that contribute to obstructive sleep apnea

We are one on the first general dental practices in the region to invest in this advanced technology because we know that when problems are discovered at their earliest stages it is much less costly and the outcomes are more favorable. .

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