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Sleep Disorders


It's Not Normal

To Snore

To Sleep In Another Bedroom

To Be Tired All Day

To Wake Up With Your Heart Racing 

To Have Poor School Performance

To Stop breathing or Gasp For Air

To Have High Blood Pressure

To Have A Dry Mouth

To Experience Forgetfulness

To Be Irritable

To Experience Weight Gain 

Many sleep disorders begin in the mouth. Tonsils, tongue irregularities, crooked teeth, and arches can all affect airway performance. Anything that diminishes airway performance can lead to a host of chronic symptoms. We administer a simple and inexpensive home study that can answer any questions and put you on a path to recovery. Many times, a small comfortable appliance can be made that dramatically improves your airway performance. In more serious cases, a medical consultation for Sleep Apnea is required to provide life-saving airway therapy.  

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