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Things To Do In Nicholasville Ky

Nicholasville Kentucky is located in Jessamine county. There are a multitude of  scenic and historic things to do in Nicholasvile Ky

Kentucky River

The Kentucky River Blueway Trail is a 42 mile stretch  of river in the southern border of Jessamine County Kentucky. The Kentucky river and its tributaries are known for its outstanding fishing, hiking, scenic wildflowers and outstanding historical sites along the river. An easy day trip from any of the lodging available in Nicholasvlle, Ky, some of the specific places include

Jessamine Creek Gorge

This is one of the most important conservation areas in all of the Kentucky River Palasides. There is a trail that loops through special habitat that includes undisturbed streams, caves, and cliffs. The ravines are heavily wooded and an experienced guide is probably the preferred way to visit this breath taking area.

Jim Beam Nature Preserve

One of the most famous bourbon brands in the world also has a  nature preserve. The Jim Beam nature preserve protects the area around some of the Palisades of the Kentucky River. The site is best known for being habitat for an extremely rare bat species. This area is open to the public for hiking, bird watching and general nature observation.

Jessamine County Trails

Because Jessamine Country Kentucky is uniquely centered in the Kentucky River Valley’s palisade region, it provides multiple opportunities for outdoor recreation. The county has numerous nature trails and water recreation.  High Bridge Park is one particular area with an overlook that juts out 35 feet from cliff top. Built in 1877 it was the highest bridge trestle in the world. The reconstructed Victorian pavilion is the center for views of the Palisades, The River and surrounding areas. If hiking is your preferred method of transport, the trails in the Palisade area are numerous. If water sports are your cup of tea then kayaking or paddling along in the Kentucky River surrounding by the huge cliffs is an experience you will not forget.

Thoroughbred Farms

Outside of the outstanding opportunities in nature conservation, the next best thing to do when visiting Kentucky is visiting a thoroughbred farm. The most famous of which that is located in Nicholasvlle Ky is Taylor Made Farm. Home of famous racehorse Californai Chrome, one of the most successful horses both financially and race-wise.  There are tours available thru horse country tours and for a fee of about twenty dollars you can tour the stallion complex, the mares and the most memorable part of nay horse farm tour are the babies. The region of Kentucky s famous for its bluegrass which has historically defined the area of Kentucky, It is felt that the minerals in the ground provide a very good foundation for raising horses. That is why so many horse farms are concentrated in this area of the country. There are over 6oo horse farms in the area and the number of tours are numerous. The best thing to do is find a tour provider that is active ion the region that you are interested in visiting. You will find these tours realizing and memorable.


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