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Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

1) Get Regular Cleaning

Dental cleaning and examinations are designed to prevent and treat problems early so they don’t become bigger problems in the future which can be costly. The following is an example of the Value of Regular Cleaning:

Regular Cleaning (2 Visit per Year)

Cleaning, X-rays, Doctor Exam: Avg Cost $230-400

Single Tooth Extraction

Single X-ray, Emergency Exam, Extraction (Simple to Surgical): Avg Cost $195-650

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Implant with Crown: Avg Cost $2,800-4,000

Bridge: Avg Cost $2,000-3,500

Partial Denture (1 arch): Avg Cost $750-1,200

PREVENTION is Key when it comes to saving money on your dental health. According to the American Dental Association (, in 2012 the national spending reached $111 billion dollars in spending for dental expenditures, with a vast majority of the cost coming from tooth aches.

2) Get a Comprehensive Exam

Rather than going to the dentist to get 1 tooth fixed, Ask for a Comprehensive Exam. As mentioned earlier, PREVENTION is far cheaper. If you need a lot of treatment, “ASK” your doctor to Prioritize which teeth need treatment now and can wait. Knowing the big picture will save you money in the long run.

3) Purchase an “In-House” Dental Savings Plan

Ask your dental office if they have an “In-House” Dental Savings Plan. In most cases purchasing a plan like this is much cheaper than buying a dental insurance plan. Plans like these can save people money ranging from 10-30% on their dental treatment which can mean big time savings in the long run. The other benefit to an “In-House” plan is that you don’t have to hassle with insurance companies, meeting your deductible, or worrying if your dental treatment is even covered by your insurance.

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